What we offer

Complete life-cycle of fiscalization.

Our products & services portfolio is designed as well choreographed support along the whole process of fiscalization. It draws solutions to the all the issues and challenges that retailers face during expansion and their regular business activities in fiscal countries.

1st step: Understand.

Get the exact information about fiscal countries at a glance.

Understand all the rules and regulations that are dictating retailers how to work with the POS, according to the country’s fiscal law.



Fiscal consulting for 26 countries in Europe + Metaverse.

Technical and legal requirements analysis + following documentation.



General webinars about numerous countries and their fiscal laws.

Focused webinars, about specific fiscal topics.

Webinars on-demand.



The latest Fiscal regulations and novelties presented in a form of interactive dialogue.

Interviews with well-known brand representatives from retail world.


Analysis & Support

Mapping retail business processes according to the law.

Deep analysis of a new fiscal country.

2nd step: Develop.

Choose optimal solution for fiscalization of your business.

Provide easy and proper help for your IT department during localization of the POS software.

S4Fiscal Middleware Solution + Backoffice.

Optimal software solution. Made for international business. Ready to be integrated with any POS application. You integrate it just once and get all fiscal countries!

Two components: S4Fiscal Middleware + S4Fiscal Backoffice app

Modern fiscal solution

Installed at POS

International in scope

Available for different fiscal countries

Approved by numerous retail brands

Two components: S4Fiscal Middleware + S4Fiscal Backoffice app

Hardware-based fiscalization

Software-based fiscalization

Online fiscalization

Two components: S4Fiscal Middleware + S4Fiscal Backoffice app

Easy and fast fiscal implementation and integration

Developer hotline

Support for developer integration process

Following ARTS standards

Set of different testing tools

Developer documentation

Two components: S4Fiscal Middleware + S4Fiscal Backoffice app

Minimum changes of the POS App

One interface to the POS for every fiscal country

Clear separation between POS functions (business logic and fiscal functions)

Native (web or file) interface

Two components: S4Fiscal Middleware + S4Fiscal Backoffice app

Able to support any producer of the fiscal hardware, used in everyday business

No need for change of old hardware system

Two components: S4Fiscal Middleware + S4Fiscal Backoffice app

Able to support any operating system used in everyday business

Omnichannel retailing supported

No need for change of old operating system

One Solution for any application/channel

S4Fiscal Middleware + refive.

Fiscal Solutions has partnered with refive to offer a new functionality for the S4Fiscal Middleware. This collaboration offers numerous benefits such as:

No need for a new integration: E-receipt is integral part of S4FS

No app installation: Complete process can be handled through browser

Frictionless in-store customer data capture: Customers are anonymous

GDPR compliant: All data related to registered customers is fully secured

Same solution for every country: Digitalization of your business worldwide

Customer Loyalty solutions included: With basic functionalities

Web-base technology: E-receipt as a marketing tool

Retailers who are interested in the benefits offered by digital receipts need to get clear on their specific business goals. Next, they need detailed information on the regulatory requirements in their country of operation. That’s why we made a Whitepaper to explain e-receipts, their benefits and regulations in different fiscal countries.

Support with our solution

Support with our solution

We provide full support and professional cooperation during integration with our software solution – S4Fiscal.

Support without our solution

Support without our solution

Even if you choose to develop your own solution, we can provide support for your team and speed up the process.


Project Management

We can guide you through any step of fiscalization proces – from certification to the preparation for the audit in the store. We are part of your team.

3rd step: Operate.

Ensure the right fiscal data and functionalities for smooth daily activities, just when you need them.

Provide consultancy and support for your team during regular business activities.


Fiscal hotline

1st and 2nd level support.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) as a guarantee for all technical and legal issues.


Legal help on-site

Consultancy and support for everyday legal activities in the store.

Guidance during audit process.

4th step: Stay Informed.

Get unlimited access to the latest fiscal information across the globe.

Be up to date with all changes and fiscal news from various fiscal countries worldwide.


Fiscal online Portal

Unique online spot where all fiscal news, documents and other latest information across the globe are stored.

List of availabe solution providers on the market.


Legal Aspect Services

Taking care of the complete legal requirements in the chosen fiscal country.

Preparation and handover of the documents about the law changes and the necessary measures for complying with the new obligations.


Legal monitoring

Reliable information channel for getting the latest updates about the law changes in the chosen fiscal country(es).

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