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“I’m glad I could actively participate at this Webinar where we had the chance to clarify the specifics of Romanian fiscal law. As a solution integrator, RBC is always willing to provide useful information for clear localization of fiscal solutions on the Romanian market. Many thanks to Fiscal Solutions for this opportunity and the good organization.”

Alexandru Maciuca, Software Support Manager

Romanian Business Consult

“I’m glad for having played a relevant role in this Webinar organized by Fiscal Solutions. It was a pleasant experience and I’m happy for having the opportunity to share knowledge and learn with participants from several jurisdictions, in line with Fiscal Solutions and Neyond’s international orientation. I hope we will keep this as one really great event for getting the first-hand information, and I’m looking forward for participating and meet you again.”

Nuno Cardoso, Senior Tax Manager


“When Tax Authorities came to us with a big fine which can sometimes result in a closure, we were not sure what to do. What saved us was the Hotline contract we have with Fiscal Solutions! They stepped in, resolved the technical issues and payed the fine for us. We are truly thankful to have them as a partner by our side!”

David Moreno del Cerro, Head of Technology


“Overall satisfaction with the Fiscal Solutions workshop is positive, it gave us clear picture of the topic, we learned some new things. Fiscal Solutions employees showed great knowledge and answered to all our questions from legal and technical perspective. At the end it was shown on our receipt example what need to be corrected which was very useful.”

Vera Vasiljevic, B2B Business Relationship Manager


’’Fiscal Solution Webinar was very professional and we are hoping that the new one will be organized as soon as there is new information about this topic! We have heard very valuable information on the webinar because Fiscal Solution has shared the experience they have had on the other markets and pointed out some critical points that we need to pay attention to. We will definitely keep this information in mind when developing and choosing the right solution for our system.''

Vladimir Bodvanski, Director of Ict & Operational Business


''As we are an international company, Fiscal Solutions Webinar really helped us to see the future aspects of our business, especially from the helicopter view. The Webinar itself was well structured and we were presented with a few possible scenarios, which was very interesting and useful for all of us.''

Miroslav U.Kostadinovic, IS Manager

Metro C&C