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’’Fiscal Solution Webinar was very professional and we are hoping that the new one will be organized as soon as there is new information about this topic! We have heard very valuable information on the webinar because Fiscal Solution has shared the experience they have had on the other markets and pointed out some critical points that we need to pay attention to. We will definitely keep this information in mind when developing and choosing the right solution for our system.''

Vladimir Bodvanski, Director of Ict & Operational Business


''As we are an international company, Fiscal Solutions Webinar really helped us to see the future aspects of our business, especially from the helicopter view. The Webinar itself was well structured and we were presented with a fwe possible scenarios, which was very interesting and useful for all of us.''

Miroslav U.Kostadinovic, IS Manager

Metro C&C

Romanian certification at a glance

Do you find the certification process in Romania complex and demanding?

Fiscal Solutions team brought you closer to the certification process in Romania, all along with all the requirements and preparation process. We had a special guest and first-hand information, directly from Romania!

Vending Machines in Hungary

Have you ever been wodering what are the fiscal requirements for Vending Machines in Hungary?

At this Webinar we talked about all you need to know about them: what are their types, who is the actual owner of them, how to fiscalize them, and much more!

Virtual Cash Registers in Poland

Have you already heard about the virtual cash registers in Poland?

Virtual cash registers are an important part of fiscal law and this Webinar will help you understand it better and use the knowledge to improve your business processes.

You will hear on this Webinar more about fiscal regulation in Poland, the legal aspect of Virtual cash registers and benefits and disadvantages of the use.

FISCAL TALK: Fiscalization Challenges and Upcoming Changes in Serbia

We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting our first FISCAL TALK!

What are the biggest Fiscalization Challenges and what Upcoming Changes in Serbia actually mean for retailers?

Together they have more than 80 years of experience in this area.

POS certification in France: Explained by the Experts

What is the easiest way to pass the certification in France?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, but don’t have an answer – You are at the right place!

We are going to talk about the biggest challenges in passing the certification successfully, because, it is a MUST if you want to be able to be present in France.

For that reason, Fiscal Solutions is organizing a Webinar, but this time with our honored guest – InfoCert.

You are going to learn more about: certification process, after certification, software requirements and much more.