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Prepare your action plan.


Be sure what has to be done.

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Feel and Touch Web 3: The Next Level of Customer Experience

What if we told you you could touch #web3 ?
What if you could let your customer do it?
It would be an amazing experience, right?
⏩ Join us on our next webinar where Fiscal Solutions CEO Darko Pavic and Daryl Kelly CEO of #LTD.inc where they will discuss the merging of the physical and digital world and much more!

NFTs: The vehicle of new customer loyalty

Have you noticed that NFTs are everywhere?
Do you think that NFTs are a real thing or just a hype?
What are actually NFTs?
Do you know what that means for the retail industry?
Have you heard what retailers are already doing with NFTs?
What makes NFTs so special for customer loyalty?

Ecommerce in EU - let's talk about One Stop Shop

Learn more about the concept of One Stop Shop;
Get to know the challenges and how OSS helped overcome them,
Understand the benefits of OSS;
Learn about electronic interfaces,
Find out who can register for OSS.

Taxes in Metaverse

Digital world is at our doorstep and you know it!

Retailers are rapidly expanding to Metaverse, which prompted us to go deeper into the topic and to better understand what will happen in terms of transactions, privacy and laws.

Comparison of fiscalization in Croatia, Slovenia and Czech Republic

Fiscalization is a very specific topic – it is a must – not added value.

Still, there is no university course about it and sometimes, if you want to look at it from another perspective, things can get pretty tricky.

That is a reason more to watch this pretty unique event, where our experts will share their knowledge and expertise on fiscalization and give you a comparison of fiscalization in three European countries – Croatia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic!

You will meet Roland Zalisevskij, our co-founder and board member, who has more than 20 years of experience in retail and IT industry, as well as our legal consultant and marketing manager, Aleksandar Marinkovic and Milica Kujundzic, experts on this topic.