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You have to implement the fiscal law regulations specific for a certain country, but you are not sure what has to be done?

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Make decision about what to do.


Prepare your action plan.


Be sure what has to be done.

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Fiscalization in Spain vol 1

Spain is becoming a fully fiscal country in 2024! What that means for retailers and everyone who expands and operates there – you will hear on our next free Webinar!

Fiscalization in Africa

Something is cooking in Africa so, we decided to host another free webinar on the topic of fiscalization in entire Africa!

On Wednesday, May 24th at 3 PM CET our Legal Consultant Tara Nedeljković told us how fiscalization is implemented in Africa, what are the challenges and opportunities and much more!

New regulations around e-receipts in European countries

Where are e-receipts on a Government’s but also retailers’ roadmaps?

Come find out what retailers should know about e-receipts to grow their business and make their brands even more attractive.

In our next Webinar, we will be talking about e-receipts and why are they a key trend in retail, when e-receipts are possible, when they are provided as a supplement, etc.

Meet Fiscal Solutions

Nobody wants to do it – but we made it our core business. What is it?

Trends and Hypothesis for the future of retail

Bill gates once said: “I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world.”

We agree.

On the 25th of January at 3 pm CET – Norbert Hillinger and Milica Kujundžić will be talking about the trends and innovations in the retail industry!

If you have any questions already – send them to marketing@fiscal-solutions.com and we will answer them together!

5 things you need to know to run international fiscal certification

By now, we all know that fiscalization is a complex process.

There are many deadlines and documents involved, but with the right strategy and support, the process can be made much easier. For this reason, we have decided to hold a webinar on the topic of running an international fiscal certification.