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New Fiscalization in Serbia: Introduction to Online Fiscalization obligatory from January 1st, 2022

Serbia is introducing New Online Fiscalization that will be obligatory starting January 1st 2022.
If You are wondering what this actually means for your business, what is the expected timeline, what are possible architectures and best practices for implementing these Fiscal Law Changes – this is the Webinar for you! Listen to our Fiscal Expert, Roland Zalisevskij, who has more than 20 years of experience in Fiscalization worldwide, and learn all you need to know about New Fiscalization in Serbia and how to start your fiscalization project.

Simplifying Fiscal Law Requirements.

In every country there is a different law – some countries do not have a fiscalization system while some have or will have in the future. When you want to open a new store in a new country there is so many different rules and procedure that need to be followed. Due to many differences, is hard to handle multiple operations, as expansions in fiscal countries, join us and find more about fiscal requirements may be simplified.

Unboxing Fiscal Portal

As you may already know, Fiscal Solutions team in the past five years was working on designing a unique place where all fiscal knowledge will be stored, and finally our dream Fiscal Portal will see the daylight! Through this free webinar, we will make present to you Fiscal Portal, as all the benefits and features for Retailers, POS SW Vendors, and Solution Providers. The aim of this webinar is to show you all the features and which will be available on the Portal, which may be a good resource of fiscal knowledge.

Possible architectures for Portugal

Find out what you need to consider to be fiscalization compliant in Portugal and what possibilities you have to manage your POS solution.
What your software needs to support, which documents you can issue, can you adjust the system to your needs, and much more topics clarified.

Unboxing Fiscal Portal

As you may already know Fiscal Solutions team in the past 5 years was working on designing a unique place where all fiscal knowledge will be stored, and finally our dream Fiscal Portal will see the daylight!

Through this free webinar, we presented Fiscal Portal, as all the benefits and features for Retailers, POS SW vendors, and Solution Providers. The aim of the Webinar was to show all the features which will be available on the Portal, which may be a good resource of fiscal knowledge.

Fiscal Law changes, did you get it?

During the Webinar two companies (Diebold Nixdorf, Fiscal Solutions) showed how they overcome the challenges of changing fiscal law and how they manage to always be up to date with all changes.

On this occasion, Maja Jovetić from Fiscal Solutions and Wojciech Korchowiec from Diebold Nixdorf, shared their experience on how they are following the law after the implementation and keep the compliance with the fiscal law.

Comparison of online fiscalization between Montenegro and Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic.

The law in Montenegro has changed, and now many rules will be different for taxpayers. The system that will be applied from January 1, 2021., is very similar to the fiscalization systems that are already applied in Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. It is a system of online fiscalization and during our webinar, we  focused on understanding the legal and technical similarities and differences between the systems of these countries, but with an emphasis on the newest member of this gathering – Montenegro.

Fiscalization in Germany: Obligatory POS export

During the webinar, an overview of the main pillars of the fiscalization in Germany was given. Summary of types of Exports in relation to POS and TSE as well.

POS Export as a specific type of export, defined by the DSFinV-K was described and the precise description of DSFinV-K data standardisation was given.

There was made a short overview of the audit procedures in relation to cash register systems.

Meet Universal Solutions for all Fiscal Solutions

This was the ideal opportunity to meet fiscal experts in IT Retail, and how we have managed to create a unified concept for 17 Fiscal Countries, and save Retail/POS providers cost and integration efforts.

On that occasion, we showed what a retailer is facing when entering a new market in the domain of fiscalization. What are the challenges and problems, and we proposed a solution to it.
We shared our story, strategy, services and we presented our universal solution that can speed up the realization of the project, save time, and reduce costs.

Fiscalization in Germany: installation and maintenance of TSE

While HW-based TSE is ready for usage, cloud-based TSE is waiting for certification.

September 30th is quickly approaching and the question is whether you are ready for the next big decisions related to installation and maintenance of TSE.
In this webinar, our guest was Service Plus, Professional IT service provider and a company that is handling 6 different fiscal solutions in 6 European countries (including Germany).

Their and our team is going to discuss precisely about all these challenges:

– What are the most important aspects of TSE installation that you should take into the consideration?
– What are the initial steps after installing TSE?
– What are the situations that can go wrong (when the TSE is broken or offline, when the TSE memory is full, what is the procedure for the service of TSE , etc.)

HORECA transactions in Germany

We got so many inquiries from our clients regarding HORECA sector and we decided to gather all information and knowledge regarding it, in order to solve potential dilemmas. During this webinar we talked about:

– What are the differences between standard retail and HORECA business concepts? Why they need to be treated separately?

– What are the most important aspects of HORECA processes, functions and law requirements?

– How you should map HORECA specifics with German fiscal law?

– How complex is this business segment and how you should deal with major challenges?

Fiscalization in Germany and COVID-19 crisis

Did the lockdown change the fiscal strategy of Germany?

Can retailers get some financial support from Germany government?

Is cloud based solution finaly certificated?

Will the date of fiscalization be postponed due to COVID-19 crisis?

Fiscal Solutions team will address these and many other topics on this webinar, together with special guests, two leading provider of TSE solutions in Germany:

– Diebod Nixdorf (hardware-based TSE) and

– Deutsche fiskal (cloud- based TSE)

Modern Retailing meets German fiscalization

To what extent does the new fiscal law in Germany affect omnichannel retailing?

How should modern retail concepts like self-checkout, mobile retailing, POS as ATM and similar deal with the new law requirements?

Are the new services as products like insurance, travel packages, renting etc. subject to the new law regulation?

How concepts like Amazon Go will be treated according to the law?

These are just some of dilemmas that arise with the implementation of the new fiscal law in Germany. However, there are more! And Fiscal Solutions prepared it for you in this webinar.

Fiscal law in China

Is China a new destination for your business?

Did you know that China is on the list of fiscal countries?

As many other processes and procedures in China, fiscalization is also a completely different story, if we compare it with other fiscal systems. The thing that remained the same is if you want to sell your products in this country, you should follow certain strict rules that are defined by the government.

What are those rules, how they affect the POS system, how to adapt POS application, what is the optimal and easiest way to comply with the regulation, what is the impact of this on the retail processes and many other specific topics will be presented in this webinar.

Start your business in China properly. Learn more about the Fiscal law in China.

Fiscalization in Germany: Overview of possible TSE Architectures

Are you looking for the optimal TSE architecture that will fit the best your business needs?

What are the available options and what does each architecture require in terms of installation and maintanance?

The answers to these questions are a click away from you!

In this webinar we have prepared detailed review of all possible architectures for both cloud and hardware TSE solutions. Depending of the type of your POS (mobile, self-checkout of standard POS), you’ll be able to make decision which one is the right for your business.

Fiscalization in Germany: all about audit rules

The audit process is, in most cases, unfamiliar and risky terrain for the retailers. When it happens, numerous questions arise, and they should be addressed in very short period of time. Preparation for situations like this is a must, and having right information is crucial.

Accordingly, during this webinar you’ll discover process of audit for the retailers from A to Z!

We will discuss about the most important steps that should be followed to ensure a successful audit, subjects that are in focus when it comes to the audit process, data export process, etc. And, as always, we will answer all of your questions.

Fiscalization in Germany: Total cost of ownership

In this webinar we will show you very transparently the calculation of all possible costs related to the implementation of the new fiscal law in Germany. We will present typical project, from the beginning till going live, and we will finish our calculation with calculation of operational costs.

Based on our experiences from many similar fiscal projects, we will explain the efforts and expected costs for following project phases:

1.     Gathering of needed knowledge – how much does it cost to get the needed information and to prepare all the documents

2.     Integration – which efforts and related costs the integration of different TSEs includes

3.     Product purchasing costs – what is the cost of different TSEs

4.     Installation – what is the effort for the installation of TSEs

5.     Maintenance and operating costs – which costs those services creates

6.     Overview and comparison of all TSE manufacturers and their products

7.     Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – an example on a store with 20 POSes

Fiscalization in Germany: typical fiscal solution problems in live environment

Being compliant with the fiscal law in Germany is not dilemna any more. The process of TSE certification is ongoing and the main preocupation of the retailers at the moment is to decide which is the best TSE option for their business.
But, what happens next?
What are the initial steps after instalizing TSE?
What are the situations that can go wrong, like:

– when the TSE is broken or offline,

– when the TSE memory is full,

– what is the procedure for the service of TSE , etc.

In this webinar, we are discussing precisely about all these issues.

Fiscalization in Italy: what is receipt lottery and how does it work?

Are you prepared for Receipt Lottery that is starting this year in Italy? At the moment it is the most attractive topic for retailers in this country when it comes to fiscalization.

Don’t miss the chance to find out all the details within this webinar, about what conditions have been achieved for the lottery to be realised, what does it include, how to participate, what are the prizes and more.

Fiscalization in Germany: how to avoid HW/SW upgrades in case of old operating system

New Fiscal law in Germany is here. If we analyze the solutions which are in certification process, there is big question for the retailers: do you need to upgrade or even change your POS HW or your operating system? We all know how big this investment would be, so let’s talk about strategies to avoid it!

In this webinar we will give you an overview about future TSE solutions and their HW and SW requirements. In particular, we will talk about big question: do you need to upgrade or change your HW/SW and how can you avoid it.

Fiscalization in Germany: fiscal service on the cloud

New German fiscal law requiers usage of the Technical Security Element (TSE), which ensures storing and signing of fiscal transactions, and providing that data to tax authorities. TSE itself can be on the cloud, and during this webinar you’ll get all the information about possible options, together with technical aspects, regarding to the fiscal service on the cloud.

Germany is fiscal from January 2020 – Yes or No?

Officially, starting date for fiscalization in Germany is January 1, 2020. However, at this point, there are a number of open questions that bother retailers and which we seek to answer in this webinar.

  • What is really happening from January 2020?
  • Is TSE device mandatory from 1st January 2020?
  • What is current situation on the market in terms of TSE manufacturers?

Fiscalization in Germany: An overview of available fiscal solutions on the market

Fiscal law in Germany includes mandatory implementation of the certified technical security system (TSE), starting on January 1st, 2020.
Currently, there are various TSE manufacturers which are getting ready for the German market. During this webinar you’ll have the opportunity to get an overview on those manufacturers, as well as to get insight of the legal and technical aspects of the law regulations in Germany.