Unboxing Fiscal Portal

Unboxing Fiscal Portal

Thursday, February 04. 2021. At 3 PM (CET)


As you may already know, Fiscal Solutions team in the past five years was working on designing a unique place where all fiscal knowledge will be stored, and finally our dream Fiscal Portal will see the daylight! Through this free webinar, we will make present to you Fiscal Portal, as all the benefits and features for Retailers, POS SW Vendors, and Solution Providers. The aim of this webinar is to show you all the features and which will be available on the Portal, which may be a good resource of fiscal knowledge.


Webinar duration: 60 min / Official language: English


Globalization in Retail

Challenges of the country-specific development

Tipical life cycle of fiscal development

Fiscal Portal


Tijana Milojević, Sales director, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o.

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