Simplifying Fiscal Law Requirements

Simplifying Fiscal Law Requirements.

Tuesday, February 02. 2021. At 3 PM (CET)


In every country there is a different law – some countries do not have a fiscalization system while some have or will have in the future. When you want to open a new store in a new country there is so many different rules and procedure that need to be followed. Due to many differences, is hard to handle multiple operations, as expansions in fiscal countries, join us and find more about fiscal requirements may be simplified.


Webinar duration: 60 min / Official language: English

Ivo van der Raad, CTAC


Fiscal country challenge

Handling multiple expansions

Positive income

OEM concept

Tijana Milojevic, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o.

First fiscal project

Tackling the world challenges

Universal Solutions

Different models


Ivo van der Raad, IT/Retail Consultant, CTAC

Tijana Milojevic, Sales Director, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o.

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