Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs in modern retailing

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs in modern retailing.

Wednesday, March 23. 2022. At 3 PM (CET)


We will start the event with the basics of blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies and we will show Different business concepts in retail based on these technologies.

After creating an understanding of the fundaments we will continue to analyze what are retailers and governments doing at the moment worldwide.

In the last part of the event, we will compare blockchain technology and existing strategies (related to retailers and governments), we will discuss the benefits of technology and we will create some ideas of its possible implementation specialy in the area of fiscalization.


Webinar duration: 60 min / Official language: English

Introduction to the webinar, Teodora Dunčič Magazin

A few words about Fiscal Solutions, Teodora Dunčič Magazin

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs in modern retailing, Darko Pavić

Discussion, all participants


Host: Teodora Duncic Magazin, Marketing Manager, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o.

Host: Darko Pavic, Co-founder and Board Member, Fiscal Solutions d.o.o.

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