Just a few days before Christmas German government has changed the requirements regarding cloud based TSE solutions.


There is no cloud solution in Germany which is fulfilling those requirements today. Even if they were certificated already.

It is still not known if and how the provider of the cloud TSE solution will implement this new requirement.

The situation could be even more complex. It seems that German government defined the requirements that are absolutely necessary to be implemented by the user (retailer) in case that he uses the cloud based solution.


Although the requirements changed the deadline to implement the fiscal law in Germany till end of March 2021 is still valid.


By this change it’s very obvious why middleware solutions are by far better than direct integration.

Our customer can now switch to the hardware based TSE without any change of their POS software.

There are no additional integration efforts, no additional investments.

And the best is they will be able to fulfill the deadline just as required.

As soon as cloud based solutions are available again our users can easily switch if they want.


We strongly recommend to all retailers and POS SW vendors to implement our fiscal middleware and to be able to use HW based TSE Solution in Germany.


In order to make it very fast and smooth we prepared the integration kit for you. It consists of:

  • S4Fiscal Service installer
  • Diebold Nixdorf TSE connector
  • Installation manual
  • General interface description – development manual
  • Fiscal Service interface description Germany – development manual
  • DEMO Diebold Nixdorf TSE USB dongle
  • Architecture scenarios for Cloud or stand-alone POS software
  • Overview of German fiscal requirements


You can order your kit here: https://forms.gle/xy7ajzyKjNAtMWBZ9

Price of S4Fiscal Service Integration package kit for Germany is 2.100,00 Eur, and registering on provided link will be considered as acceptance of this charge.


Order it now and you can be ready in just few weeks – just on time.