Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Management of “Fiscal Solutions” d.o.o. and all employees are committed to continuous improvement of the quality system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our focus is on providing services in the field of information systems in retail.

The main products and services thet Fiscal Solutions offer to clients are:

– consulting services related to work with information systems in retail

– the portal for subscription to new country information regarding the fiscalisation in different countries

– SW solution for fiscalization

– Support and maintenance of SW and HW in stores

We fullfill our services and activities through:

  • Constant supervision of all work processes
  • Constant review of our activities, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Monitoring and increasing the clients satisfaction with our services
  • Monitoring and increasing employee satisfaction
  • Proper selection of suppliers
  • By creating a pleasant environment for both our clients and company employees
  • Compliance with legal and other regulations

We marked the trust of our clients as an absolute priority from the very first day of the company, being aware that it is built only on the basis of knowledge, a professional approach to work and jointly achieved results.


Managing Director : Milan Lazarević

Date : 08.02.2023