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Frequently Asked Questions

• Which documents will you find here?

Complete Official Fiscal laws or most important parts with all attachments in English,   Official Technical specifications,  legal and technical overview of fiscal law,  descriptions of important business processes and/or procedures,  description of certification procedures and video materials (how-to videos. Webinars, panel discussions…)

• Do I pay for the document?

You pay for the subscription for the country of your interest, and every single document about the country of your interest is available for you.

• From where do we get our documentation?

We spent the last 5 years creating a network of reliable sources to be informed on time about all news from countries.
Sources are international retailers (Metro, C&A, Takko, Deichmann etc.), big international consulting companies, local consulting companies, accounting agencies in the country, local POS solution providers, local providers of fiscal solutions, global provider of fiscal solutions (e.g. Diebold, Epson, Datex, etc.), global POS SW providers, local tax authorities and agencies, official governmental resources in local languages .

• How to get help during implementation?

Our target is to support you in all phases of your localization project. This means of course also in the development phase.
In some cases, during the implementation of fiscal requirements, you will maybe have some understanding questions.
Don’t worry we would be very glad to help you.
Please use our contact form to send us your question and our consultants will contact you.