Darko Pavić
Co-founder and Board Member
Darko holds the position of Chief Vision Officer at Fiscal Solutions. He is the person that creates new strategies to take the company to the next level. With more than 25 years of experience in the retail and IT industry, he has experience as a business consultant, project manager, and software developer. He has worked on big international projects and has a deep knowledge of legal, business, and technical aspects of fiscalization. In his free time, you can find him running with his dog or filming his next vlog! He is a social media addict and is always planning his next project.
Borislava Brkić
Co-founder and Board Member
Borislava is co-founder and a board member at Fiscal Solutions and is in charge of all company's finances. Her responsibilities are administration, budgeting, accounting, investing, and forecasting. She also takes care of the financial stability of the company. Her business experience comes from working in the retail and IT industry for over 25 years. She is in charge of operating with more than 70 clients daily, and all of them are international retailers and POS software vendors. After work, you will find her working out with the team and spending time with her family.

Roland Zališevskij
Co-founder and Board Member
Roland is a co-founder and a board member at Fiscal Solutions and is an expert in technological development and fiscalization. He combines those two worlds perfectly, making him the fiscalization technology expert. He is in charge of the company's technology strategical development and innovative approach. As a member of the OMG group that develops technology standards for thousands of vertical industries worldwide, he is leading the working group for defining standards in fiscalization worldwide. At team gatherings, he is the one to cook a tasty meal for everyone and play some rock!
Milan Lazarević
General Manager
Milan Lazarevic is the General Manager at Fiscal Solutions, a retail IT professional who has experience in projects execution and leadership.
He is also responsible for running daily operations smoothly, expanding customer relationships, new market expansions, and business development.
In the last ten years, he has led more than two hundred projects in more than eighteen countries.
Besides work, he is a gym lover and enjoys sports hunting and spending time with his kids.
Vojislav Beljanski
Chief Technical Officer
Vojislav Beljanski is the Chief Technical Officer at Fiscal Solutions and a retail IT professional with years of experience in running technical processes.
He is responsible for the technical consulting we provide and a team of Information Technology Product Managers who are working daily on researching, updating, perfecting, and presenting new technological procedures, processes, and laws.
Cars and fixing them are his passion, so he is a problem solver at heart.
He is also a nature lover and enjoys hiking every weekend!
Ivan Horvat
Head of Software Development
Ivan Horvat is the Head of Software Development at Fiscal Solutions and an IT professional who has perfected his knowledge in the retail industry.
He is a software developer by profession but has become a real fiscal expert! His responsibility is to lead a team of developers, and he helps them improve every single day, through various tasks and challenges.
Hacker in his soul, he is a true lover of algorithms and passionate about difficult codes.
During weekends, he is either coding his next project or chilling out and relaxing with his family.