LPFR – Local Processor of Fiscal Receipts



Local processor of fiscal receipts is a mandatory element of the Electronic Fiscal Device (EFU). Fiscal Solutions developed and passed official certification with Tax Authority for LPFR. Fiscal Solutions LPFR (S4F – ESDC) is software based LPFR. S4F-ESDC is adapted for usage by all taxpayers. Can be used with any Electronic System for issuing invoices (ESIR) which is accredited by the Tax Administration. Using Fiscal Solutions LPFR the taxpayers are fulfilling their obligation prescribed by the new fiscalization model in Serbia.

It is not necessary to purchase a new, additional computer or similar hardware to operate this software solution that is intended for operation of the LPFR service in your work environment. S4F-ESDC can be installed and used on any existing computer that can connect to a smart card reader, which is also used for other business purposes such as use of various business softwares, servers, POS cash registers and similar.

Our solution has the following main characteristics:

Communicates with ESIR component – a software for issuing receipts (shorter: ESIR)

Communicates with Secure Element (BE)

Communicates with Tax Authorities Fiscalization Management System (SUF)

Calculates the amounts of VAT based on fiscal receipt items

Is in charge of generating the layout of the fiscal receipt (that can be printed)

Compatible with all ESIR solutions accredited by the Tax Administration in Serbia

Performs digital signing of the fiscal receipts with the help of the secure element (BE)

Represents the basic component of the new fiscalization model prescribed as mandatory by the Tax Administration

Forwards the data on the generated fiscal receipt to the electronic system – software for issuing receipts (to ESIR)

Stores the generated fiscal receipt in its database and transfers them to the Fiscalization Management System (SUF) of the Tax Administration where they are permanently stored

Supports work in operating systems: Windows, Linux

Our LPFR is certified by the Tax authorities according to all the necessary requirements in the new fiscalization model in Serbia and listed as one of the available compliant solutions for our customers on the official TA website.

According to the new legal requirements

The Processor of the fiscal receipts is a new system component that is obligatory to have in e-fiscalization in Serbia and is responsible for receipt fiscalization.

It’s main functions are: to calculate taxes, create fiscal data for the fiscal receipt, communicate with other elements of the system (secure element, fiscalization management system of Tax Authorities) and so on. It can be a virtual or local solution.

Unlike the virtual processor that is located in the Tax authorities environment, the LPFR (Local processor of fiscal receipts) is placed in the retailers store. Every store (except online shops) must have at least one Local processor (new requirements).

New fiscalization model requires the retailer to have both the new device in place and working internet connection. But, the local processor of fiscal receipts present in the store working with the corresponding secure element allows sales to continue even when there is current internet interruption – e.i. even if the Tax authorities fiscalization management system is not accessible in that particular moment.

LPRF needs to be certified by the Tax authorities.


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